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Minorities Rights Day 2021: Date, history, Importance and Facts you need to know

Minorities Rights Day 2021: Minorities Rights Day is celebrated each year on December 18 in India. The Constitution of India has given equal rights to all citizens and adopted several measures for safeguarding the rights of linguistic, ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities. Also, it takes care of those people who are economically or socially disadvantaged irrespective of their caste, culture, and community.

Minorities Rights Day History

United Nations on December 18, 1992 adopted and broadcast the Statement on the individual’s Rights related to religious or Linguistic National or Ethnic Minorities.

It highlights the cultural, religious linguistic, and national identity of the minorities that shall be respected, protected and preserved by the states and within individual territories. It further stated that it is the responsibility of the state government to improve the minorities’ conditions and spread awareness about national, linguistic, religious, and cultural identity.

In India, the Minorities Rights Day is celebrated by the National Commission for Minorities which focuses on religious harmony, respect, and a better understanding of all minorities’ communities. 

Ministry of Minority Affairs

On 29 January 2006, the Ministry of Minority Affairs was carved out of the Ministry of Social Justice & Environment.

The aim was to ensure a more focused approach towards the issues relating to the notified minority communities namely Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikhs, Parsis, and Jain.

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