Chongqing a mountain city where you will never find the true ground level…

Chongqing this incredible mountain city will puzzle your mind and you will never know if you're on the top floor or you're still on the ground.

Chongqing this incredible mountain city will puzzle your mind and you will never know if you’re on the top floor or you’re still on the ground…

Raised upon the mountains and hills, Chongqing is popularly known as the mountain city and the city of rivers where it is hard to distinguish whether you’re on the top floor or on the ground.

Chongqing is one of the four municipalities under the central government of Southwest China. Located at the intersection of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers with the combination of mountainous terrain and urban construction, Chongqing creates a very distinctive landscape here.

This incredible gigantic mountain city is wonderful with greenery,  blue with rivers and unique with its architecture. Considered as one of the biggest cities in world, its unique view and features are very underrated. Chongqing is all about top notch sights with fascinating geography and mouth-watering food.

The city is all about mountains and rivers but with a Cyberpunk feel to it. With mountains on one and river on another side, it creates a stunning scenery. This three dimensional city creates a perplexing landscape as building appears to be taller as they are built on higher ground.

The city will make you feel like you are the village of Minecraft game. As soon as you climb up to the 30th floor you’ll look to your other side and you will find that you’re still on the ground feel. How amazing and unreal this city sounds makes it more strange and hard to understand unless you will see it with your own eyes.

Chongqing is an unrealistically alluring city where while driving on the roads you see buildings above you on one side and buildings below you on another and not just that but a skyline of layer upon layer of buildings on mountains as well. The city is tranquil and peaceful even with the rising population and economy.

Other than its majestic scenery Chongqing is also famous for its spicy food and its special cuisine, Hotpot. The hotpot dish has became an delicacy for people over there which makes them sweat with spice.

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