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Two day auto carnival started Auto parts traders displayed new technology products

Jaipur, 17 December. A two-day auto carnival began at Dussehra Maidan in Adarsh ​​Nagar, organized by the Rajasthan Auto Parts Trade General Assembly, inaugurated by Chief Guest Adarsh ​​Nagar MLA Rafiq Khan, more than 125 respected photo parts of the auto parts train in the carnival Manufacturers have participated, auto parts traders have displayed their new technology products in the carnival, in this event a large number of traders and mechanics from all over the state got acquainted with the new technology and products of the business, its partners are the future in the auto parts business. Prakash Maheshwari, President, Rajasthan Auto Parts Trade General Assembly, said that in view of the future of electronic alternatives and many challenges in the field of auto parts business, this carnival is being organized. has been done, visitors coming to this carnival will be able to know and understand the new technology and challenges related to the auto parts business of the future and provide better service to their customers, At the same time, the chairman told that during this time the businessmen were requested to trade more range by keeping less stock in a smart way and also discussed the problems,Rajasthan Auto Parts Trade General Assembly, President, Prakash Maheshwari,,

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