Pathmeda Gaushala: World’s largest cowshed in Rajasthan

Pathmeda Godham Mahatirth situated in Sanchor district of Rajasthan is the largest cowshed of the World.

The institution started in 1993 with 8 mother cows. In the year 1999, the number of cows was 90,000, in 2001, the number of cows increased to 1,76000, next year, this number touched 2,15,000, in 2003, it was 2,84,000, in 2004.  The useful cow descendants are being distributed to the cow rearing persons in thousands of number every year.

In 1993, a humble saint , Sri Dutt Sharnanandji Maharaj, inspired from a leading saint of India, Ramsukh Dasji Maharaj started his journey to serve cows. He roamed throughout the country and noticed the status and agony of cows. 

He further saw a few people who tried to sell 8 cows for some cruel purpose. This place was near Pathmeda, Sanchore, Rajasthan. 

Starting a protest against it, he took the decision of starting a cow service here and hence came a Pathmeda Godham Mahatirth. 

Dutt Sharnanandji’s vision is today inspiring many people to come forward and take this message forward. 

Today many Indian states have banned cow slaughter, but the issue remains as controversial, as it was in the past. Cow is deeply associated with hindu religion. Lord Krishna was the saviour of cows and the devotees of Krishna always see cow as his companion. 

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