Watch on Krishna’s wrist spells magic in Swaminarayan Gopinath temple of Gharpur Gujarat

Swaminarayan Gopinath Temple: An interesting story…

There is an idol of Thakur ji in Swaminarayan Gopinath temple of Gharpur Gujarat. A watch is tied on the wrist of this idol of Thakur ji. This watch was tied on Thakur ji’s wrist more than 50 years ago by an Englishman. When he came to know that there is life in Thakur ji’s idol, he tied a watch on Thakur ji’s wrist to test the truth in it. The clock started running as soon as it put on his wrist.

This clock runs on the pulse rate not from the cell. This clock has been running for more than 50 years and still gives accurate time. When you take off the clock during the makeup of Thakur ji, the clock stops. It starts working again as soon as it is put on Thakur ji’s hand.

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