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Trending Jewelry in Rajasthan 

Find varieties of trending jewelry in Rajasthan 

One of the most important accessories for Indian ladies is jewelry. However, Rajasthani jewelry has a vast range of possibilities to offer. 

The people of Rajasthan are renowned for their courage and loyalty. But the country of palaces and worry is also renowned for its wide selection of diamonds. People in Rajasthan started investing in gold and valuable jewelry that may be protected for their future centuries ago due to the arid and inhospitable climate. 

Later, the people and craftsmen of Rajasthan developed a wide variety of jewelry that may both guarantee their future and captivate those who live outside. 


Every Rajasthani woman who gets married receives a big golden Nath that is embellished with a little Kundan to make her seem beautiful and royal. It is frequently worn on the left nostril and frequently fastened to the left ear with a gold or pearl chain. 

Nath contributes significantly to the Rajasthani bridal jewelry market. At weddings and other joyful events, ladies wear it as jewelry.

Rakhdi/ Sheeshfool:

One of the most well-liked Rajasthani decorations is the Sheeshfool! It is a maang tikka with a globe-shaped pendant hanging in the middle enhancing the temple. Even though the name of this Rajasthani jewelry might sound strange, it is a staple in every Rajasthani woman’s wardrobe.

It has vibrant and alluring designs. Thus, the metals used to make Sheeshfool, which can also come in a variety of stone-studded varieties like Kundan, Meena, and pearls, include gold, silver, brass, and other metals.


Kaanbali is one of the earrings made of Rajasthani jewelry that are well known for their ancient and regal appearance. Thus, they go by the names Surliya, Kaanbali, or Jhaale in Rajasthan.

The exquisitely crafted Kundan or Meenakari work on Rajasthani earrings gives them a rich, regal appearance with a dash of history.

Kanthi/ Aad Necklace:

The Kanthi necklace is a traditional gold necklace worn by brides. It is typically studded with polka and other priceless stones in addition to Kundan. However, Aad, which is regarded as essential jewelry in Rajasthan, gives the bride a boost and enhances her allure with a ton of regal charm.

Typically, kanthi has flexible threading so that it may suit any person.

It is a square or rectangular choker that is sometimes referred to as the Rajputana or Rajasthani necklace. The bride typically receives it as a present from the bridegroom’s family.


Bangadi bangles, a set of two bangles worn by Rajasthani women, with a thin, spherical protrusion of gold covering them and a dense red lining. According to custom, only married Rajput women from Rajasthan wear these bracelets. 


The top armlet is called Bajubandh in the variety of jewelry. Thus, because it represents marital joy, Marwari and Rajput brides typically wear it. The Bajubandh is a regal decoration because of the elaborate masonry that has been etched on gold.


The hand well-prominent bracelet which is also known as haathphool is also known as a hand chain, hath panja, and haath kamal. The beautiful ornament enhances the palm and the rear of the wrist. Haathphools are constructed of gold, Kundan, minakari, and occasionally jadau work, and come in a variety of styles and patterns.

Nevertheless, there are a variety of ornaments in the treasure of Rajasthani jewelry that still enchants people with its beauty. 

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