Rani Ratnavati: Bhangarh turned into haunted place due to this pretty princess!

Rani Ratnavati was a beautiful Bhangarh princess who was the talking point among all kingdoms and past its border. 

Enchanted by her beauty, a sorcerer named Singhia tried to entice her by the black magic he possessed. Once upon a time, he charmed one of Ratnavati’s maid and sent magic oil for her. 

Ratnavati had a bit knowledge about the black magic and came to know about sorcerer’s trick. She threw the oil away on the huge boulder. As a result, the boulder started rolling on the ground and crushed the sorcerer. 

Before dying, he cursed the city to never be inhabited again and said that ‘Bhangarh will destroy to death.”

Later, Rani Ratnavati during the battle between Ajabgarh and Bhangarh, was killed and it is believed that the ghost of a queen and the sorcerer are still roaming in the premises of Bhangarh fort and hence nobody is allowed to stay or enter in the fort after sunset. Eventually, Bhangarh become one of the most haunted places in India.

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