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Sanwaliya Seth Temple in Rajasthan: Devotees offer opium to God

Believe it or not! There is a temple in Rajasthan where devotees offer opium to get their wish fulfilled.

This temple is Sanwaliya Seth Temple, situated about 65 km from Neemuch in western Madhya Pradesh. The world famous Sanwaliya Seth, also known as Krishna Dham, is located in Mandafia of Dungla tehsil of Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan.

In fact, even smugglers engaged in trading opium consider Sanwariya Seth as their God and offer opium before sending their consignments to their client. They also visit the temple and also send a part of the earnings to God.

Many devotees from the country and the world visit this temple.

The smugglers extract a share of Sanwaliya Seth from the profits of their business. Every month, when the box is opened on Amavasya, then along with the amount of it, opium is also found. As opium is called black gold, Samwaliya Seth is also called the God of Black Gold.

On the new moon day of every month, the donation box of the temple opens in which crores of rupees are received which have been offered to God from smugglers and devotees.

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