Incredible India: 8 Shiva temples in Bharat located in straight line on same longitude…!

Incredible India is the phrase being used to describe India which is represented by its mystic beauty. Under the same series, we hereby bring a unique story where 8 Shiva temples in India are located in straight line on same longitude with some calling it a miracle while others calling it mystery.

Representing the manifestation of Shivlinga in 5 elements of nature dubbed as Pancha Bhoota – Earth-Water-Fire-Air-Space, incredibly, 8 Shiva temples are located on an alignment of 79° E 41’54”. These popular temples are Kedarnath (Uttarakhand), Kaleshwara Mukteeshwara Swamy (Telangana), Srikalahasti (Andhra Pradesh), Ekambareswarar, Jambukeswara, Annamalaiyar, Nataraja and lastly Ramanathaswamy (Tamil Nadu).

Interestingly, these shiva temples were built in an era when there were no satellites, technology, GPS and Gizomas existed. Still, these temples were constructed with exact measurements of latitude and longitude using Yogic science.

The line which connects all these temples is called SHIVA SHAKTI AKSH REKHA,  which begins from Kedarnath and ends at Rameswaram.  Kedarnath and Rameswaram are situated between the distance of 2383 kilometres and 6 other temples lie within the same geographic longitude.

• Kedarnath 79.0669°

• Kalahashti 79.7037°

• Ekambaranatha- Kanchi 79.7036°

• Thiruvanamalai 79.0747°

• Thiruvanaikaval 78.7108

• Chidambaram Nataraja 79.6954°

• Rameshwaram 79.3129°

• Kaleshwaram N-India 79.9067°

Among these 8 temples there are 5 temples built on the Aksh Rekha, followed by Pancha Bhoota.

1. Temple of Water- Jambukeswara Temple
2. Temple of Fire- Annamalaiyar Temple
3. Temple of Air- Srikalahasti Temple
4. Temple of Earth- Ekambareswarar Temple
5. Temple of Sky- Nataraja Temple

Let’s take a walk through these 8 ancient temples, which lie on the same geographic longitude of 79° E 41’54”.

1. Kedarnath, Uttarakhand
The lord of the field ‘Kedarnath’ is situated at a height of 3583m near Madakani River.
It is believed that Pandva from Mahabharta built this temple to apologize to Lord Shiva.
Kedarnath temple offers the zeal of a devout centre and it streams unmatchable beauty of nature.

2. Kaleshwara Mukteeshwara Swamy Temple
Kaleshwara Mukteeshwara Swamy Temple has two Shivlinga placed on a single pedestal named Lord Shiva and Lord Yama, together known as Kaleshwara Mukteeshwara.

3. Rameswaram – Ramanathaswamy Temple

Rameswaram represents the panch tatwa of Vatsu Vigyan Veda. This temple is located in Rameswaram in Tamilnadu. It is believed that Lord Ram prayed to Lord Shiva in this temple to get rid of Ravana.

4. Srikalahasti Temple

The Temple of Air- Srikalahasti Temple is infused with divine energy. Here the linga is made of white stone, shaped like an elephant’s trunk. There is a mandap inside the temple which has a hundred intricately carved pillars.

5. Ekambareswarar Temple

Representing the element Earth of Pancha Bhoota, Ekambareswarar was built thousands of years ago. The Lingham here was made by Goddess Parvati herself.
‘Aayiram Kaal Mandapam’ is one of the significant features of this temple as it consists of 1008 adorning that adorn the inner walls of the temple.

6. Jambukeswarar Temple

Jambukeswara Temple in Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu represents the element water.
The deity is situated under a Jumbu tree that grows over a small stream and is covered with water during rainy days.

7. Annamalaiyar Temple

Representing the element Agni, this temple is located in the town of Thiruvanamalai in Tamil Nadu. Here, Lord Shiva is worshipped in a column of fire, which is an endless phenomenon.

8. Nataraja Temple

The temple that signifies Shiva’s dancing form- Nataraja-is located in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. This temple is also like Chidambaram Nataraja.
The word Chidambaram is derived from chit, which means  “consciousness”, and ambaram, meaning “sky”.

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