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Malaika Arora: A model-turned-supermodel-turned actor-turned strong woman…!

Malaika Arora, a known Bollywood and silver screen face, has emerged as a strong and independent woman post her divorce with Arbaaz Khan. Her relationship with 12 year younger star Arjun Kapoor has been making waves but the lady actor gracefully takes the challenges and moves on in her life. The EBNW Story finds out more on her strengths …

About Malaika Arora

Malaika was born on 23 October 1973 in Thane, Maharashtra. When she was just 11, her parents got divorced and she was left with her mother, Joyce Polycarp and  sister Amrita.  She started career by working as an interviewer, then hosted shows such as Club MTV, and later co-hosted with Cyrus.

However, what made her immensely popular was her Chaiyya Chaiyya dance in Dil Se movie.

Presently, she is known in her divorce roles being an actress, model, producer, VJ and a very famous TV personality in India. After acting in a few Bollywood movies, she has gained credence for her zero figure and elegant walk. Age seems just a number for her as she shoos the challenges of life smilingly.  

Personal Life

She got married to Arbaz Khan when she was 25 in year 1998 but that didn’t go well as they got divorced after 14 years of marriage that is in 2017. Together, they have a son, Arhaan Khan, born on 9 November 2002. The custody of the son after the divorce is with Malaika, while Arbaaz has visitation rights on his son, as per the settlement reached in the Bandra Family Court.

Soon after separation, Malaika went back to work and engaged and if we think about what went through her mind in those were just trauma. After all this she never left hope and worked hard. Currently her relationship with Arjun Kapoor since 2017 has been making news.

It’s easy to judge someone until we went through the same trauma. Media and society judged her for being in the relationship with Arjun Kapoor as they have an age gap of 12 years. Besides this, the couple us being trolled on social media and in society, but she never gave hope and stayed bold and confident. She is an independent woman and do what she makes her happy, that’s the best part.  

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