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Gallantry Awardee Army Officer’s Wife Shares Painful Story of Love and Loss at Award Ceremony

The wife of Captain Anshuman Singh, a brave soldier of the Indian Army, accepted the Kirti Chakra from President Droupadi Murmu at a solemn award ceremony. Captain Singh, who was killed in action in July last year, was posthumously honored with India’s second-highest peacetime gallantry award for his exceptional bravery. The poignant moment was captured in a video widely shared on social media, where Smriti Singh, his grieving widow, shared the heart-wrenching story of their love and her husband’s heroic death.

A Heartbreaking Acceptance

Dressed in a white saree, Smriti Singh accepted the award with tears in her eyes and her mother-in-law, Manju Singh, by her side. In a shaky but resolute voice, she recounted the words of her late husband, “I would die with a brass on my chest. I would not die an ordinary death.” Captain Anshuman Singh, of the Army Medical Corps, lived up to those words, sacrificing his life while rescuing people from a major fire.

An Emotional Tribute

The Ministry of Defence spokesperson shared an emotional video on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday, July 6. In the video, Smriti spoke about the last conversation she had with her husband and the moment she received the devastating news of his martyrdom. She also reminisced about their journey together, describing how they met and fell in love.

“He was very much capable. He would tell me, ‘I would die with a brass on my chest. I would not die an ordinary death like no one would know’,” Smriti recalled. Captain Anshuman Singh’s story is indeed extraordinary. His bravery and selflessness were evident in his actions, which ultimately led to his untimely demise.

A Story of Love and Sacrifice

Smriti’s voice quivered as she narrated their love story, starting from their first meeting on the first day of college. “I don’t want to be dramatic but it was love at first sight,” she said. Their relationship endured the test of time and distance, lasting eight long years before they finally decided to get married.

“Unfortunately, within two months of marriage, he got posted to Siachen. On July 18, we had a long conversation about how our life will be in the next 50 years. We are going to build a house, we are going to have kids, whatnot. On the 19th morning (last year), I got up, and I got a call that he is no more,” Smriti recounted, her voice breaking with emotion.

Coming to Terms with Loss

The acceptance of the Kirti Chakra brought a bittersweet realization for Smriti. “For the first seven to eight hours, we could not accept that anything of that sort has happened. Till date, I am not coping. Just trying to figure out, thinking maybe it is not true. But now that I have the Kirti Chakra in my hand, I realize it is true. But it’s okay, he is a hero. We can manage a little of our lives because he has managed a lot. He gave up his life and family so that the other three families could be saved,” she said.

A Nation’s Tribute

In a post on X, Rashtrapati Bhavan acknowledged the bravery and sacrifice of Captain Anshuman Singh. “President Droupadi Murmu conferred Kirti Chakra upon Captain Anshuman Singh, The Army Medical Corps, 26th Battalion The Punjab Regiment, posthumously. Disregarding his own safety, he exhibited exceptional bravery and resolve to rescue many people in a major fire incident,” read the post. Along with the message, a photograph of Smriti accepting the Kirti Chakra was shared, capturing the solemnity and pride of the moment.

President Murmu conferred 10 Kirti Chakras, including seven posthumously, to personnel of the Army and paramilitary forces for displaying indomitable courage and extraordinary valor in the line of duty. The ceremony was a tribute to the selfless heroes who put their lives on the line for the safety and security of others, with Captain Anshuman Singh being one of the most poignant examples of such bravery.

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