Prasoon Joshi launches ‘Do Palkon Ki Chhavn Main’ by Dr. Hema Joshi: A Tale of Love and Inner Conflict

Renowned poet, lyricist, and CBFC Chief, Prasoon Joshi, recently introduced ‘Do Palkon Ki Chhavn Main,’ a compelling book penned by distinguished academician Dr. Hema Joshi. The book, a fictionalized account rooted in Dr. Joshi’s own life, beautifully intertwines her literary prowess with her affection for two Indian cities—Almora, her birthplace, and Prayagraj, where she spent her later years. Positioned against the backdrop of a love story, it delves into Dr. Joshi’s internal struggle between the idyllic setting of her upbringing and the challenges that shaped her resilience and character.

Speaking at the book launch, Prasoon Joshi praised the gripping narrative, stating, “As soon as you start reading the book, you find yourself immersed in the world of Dr. Joshi. The writing has a lot of flair, making the book captivating as you delve deeper into its pages. The book also encapsulates the culture and way of life in our hill towns such as Almora.”

Dr. Hema Joshi, a prominent figure in academic circles, expressed that it took her a decade to bring the book to fruition. She shared, “The inspiration to write this book came from within. It is about my love for two Indian cities, Almora where I was born and spent my initial years, and Prayagraj where I live now. The book, set against the backdrop of a love story, is about my inner conflict with the two worlds that I lived in.”

Originally from the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, Dr. Hema Joshi pursued higher education at Allahabad University, where she became the first woman in the English department to earn a DPhil. With over 36 years of teaching at the same university, she remains active in academic pursuits.

Prasoon Joshi commended Dr. Joshi’s writing and her dedication to others, noting that those who live selflessly take time to share their work. He emphasized the value of Dr. Joshi’s writing, anticipating more literary contributions in the future.

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