Celebrating ‘Nisha: Beyond the Veil’ – Anantaya’s Resplendent Confluence of Art, Craft, and Culture

An enchanting evening unfolded at ‘Nisha: Beyond the Veil’, an event that not only marked the resurgence of a two-decade legacy but also symbolized the convergence of art, craft, music, and cultural celebration. The highlight of the evening was the grand reintroduction of Anantaya’s revamped experience center, a remarkable blend of Indian craft sensibilities and utilitarian design.

Co-founder Ayush Kasliwal expressed the essence of this reincarnation, stating that “The timeless soul of Anantaya has found a new physical existence, veiled in a new logo symbolizing infinity, designed to transcend through ages.”

Founder Geetanjali Kasliwal emphasized the latest curation, ‘NISHA’, showcasing iconic award-winning products and delving into the depths of Indian crafts, notably the Thathera craft of Jaipur, exploring their relevance in contemporary living.

The cultural extravaganza was adorned by the captivating performance of Sarod virtuoso, Madhav Kalra, accompanied by Kundan Kumar on the tabla. Their melodic harmonies resonated with the event’s cultural essence, mesmerizing the audience.

Guests engaged in an interactive brass stamping activity, experiencing the delicate art of brass etching. The ‘Give One, Pick One’ dinner box initiative fostered a shared sense of community warmth.

The diverse audience, comprising art enthusiasts, patrons, and artisans, paid homage to Rajasthan’s cultural heritage and contemporary artistry. The distinguished attendees included Sudhir Mathur, Alka Batra, Arun Dhaddha, Ram H Singhal, Mamta Mansingka, and many more, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of the evening.

The event, moderated by Vasumitra Shankar, was a testament to Anantaya’s commitment to preserving regional heritage and fostering cultural connections, endorsed by the UNESCO Seal of Excellence. The Vote of Thanks was graciously delivered by Co-Founder Ayush Kasliwal, encapsulating the essence of unity and celebration at ‘Nisha: Beyond the Veil’.

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