World Gold Council

The inception of the World Gold Council dates back to 1987 when it was established by a group of visionary mining companies from around the world. The World Gold Council serves as the market development organization for the gold industry, actively engaging in various facets, including gold mining and investment. Its mission is to encourage and maintain demand for gold across the industry.

The World Gold Council consistently releases research promoting gold as a wealth preserver, offering industry analysis to understand gold demand drivers. Additionally, it has introduced products like SPDR Gold Shares and gold accumulation plans in India and China.

As an association, the World Gold Council comprises leading global gold mining companies. It actively supports responsible mining practices among its members and has pioneered the Conflict-Free Gold Standard.

Discover more about the World Gold Council’s mission through the three main areas dedicated to serving the gold market and its participants. Three areas are:

Improving understanding

Gold is significant in finance, healthcare, technology, and culture. We’re actively working to make people more aware of how gold is evolving to address new challenges and meet society’s changing needs.

Our info and tools help both big investors and regular folks use gold wisely in different economic and world conditions.

Improving Access

Teaming up with State Street Global Advisors, the World Gold Council introduced SPDR® Gold Shares (GLD) in 2004, offering a convenient way to invest in gold. Over 90 gold-backed ETFs have been launched globally since then, including SPDR® Gold Mini Shares (GLDMSM), a budget-friendly option alongside GLD.

Improving Trust

They make sure everyone plays fair! Working together with our members and others in the market, we create and stick to rules that make sure the gold market is open and honest. This builds trust by matching our words with our actions.

Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, the Council extends its influence with offices in India, China, Singapore, UAE, and the United States. David Harquail assumes the role of the new president, while David Tait takes on the position of CEO.

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