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The Indian Heritage Hotels Association (IHHA) and The Heritage Movement…

The Indian Heritage Hotels Association (IHHA) came into being in 1990 as a result of the Heritage Tourism Movement – which was initiated to make Heritage Buildings productive and to maintain them.

The next step was the recognition of heritage classification by the Department of Tourism & Culture, Government of India on 1 January, 1990. The IHHA was thus formed in 1990 and was registered in 2001. The main objective of the Association is to promote Heritage Tourism by preserving and reviving the heritage hotels. This, in turn, also helps in reviving the rich, cultural, historical and architectural heritage of India. Furthermore, it also gives a fillip to revive the traditional arts, crafts, music and folklore by projecting their skills through these Heritage Hotels.

The Government of India recognised Heritage Hotels as a separate category in January 1991 and categorised the Heritage Hotels in three categories viz. ‘Heritage’, ‘Heritage Classic’ and ‘Heritage Grand’.

IHHA continues to work dedicatedly towards the preservation and revival of forts, castles, period buildings, palaces and traditional havelis.

The association is not only establishing standards in heritage hospitality but also laying down heritage classification guidelines and promoting heritage tourism in the in-bound tourism market. Members from across the country have continually shown their support and joined hands to preserve the rich, cultural, historical and architectural heritage of India.

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