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Indore: Cleanest City in India

Wow! Indore ranks first as the cleanest city of India for fourth consecutive time as per the Swachh Survekshan 2020 survey.

Surat from Gujarat ranks second while Navi Mumbai of Maharashtra ranks third in the survey and Varanasi meanwhile has been declared as the best Ganga town. Now, let’s figure out why other cities should learn a lesson from Indore and what makes it a surprising news for Indore to garner this acclaim for fourth consecutive year:

Indore is a commercial capital of MP:

Indore is a commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh. Eventually, business delegates from all across the country and world keep making frequent visits to this city. Despite receiving people from all across, the city has maintained its heritage and culture and has never compromised on cleanliness standards.

It’s city which loves to eat:

Indore is truly amazing when it comes to food. Its rich food culture is what makes it famous all across the world. Also, the variety of food available here might surprise you. It is also being called  as the street food capital of India as it houses the street food hubs like Chhappan Dukan and Sarafa Bazar. These hubs serve a wide variety of local specialties like Bhutte ka kees, Poha, Jalebi, Malpua, Garadu, South Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisines. Chappan Dukan is a street packed with food stalls on both sides, Sarafa Bazar is India’s only food street which remains open till two in the morning. However, walking on streets, you will not find any dirt or food remains around as is seen in many other parts of the food streets.

Indore is education hub too:

Indore is a proud city which boasts of both IIT and IIM campuses in its vicinity. Besides these college campuses, it has many other reputed colleges due to which students from all across the country visit here to pursue diverse courses. Meanwhile, these students too adapt to the clean culture of the city and ensure the streets don’t get dirty due to any of their faults. 

Isn’t it amazing to see people from diverse class, diverse fields and diverse genre all setting a single goal—a goal to keep Indore streets clean? Let’s wish other cities learn a lesson from Indore too!

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