Bharat Gaurav Scheme: Now trains can be leased and run on tracks of your choice!

Bharat Gaurav Scheme: The Indian Railways launched a new scheme “Bharat Gaurav Scheme” under which the private tour operators can take trains on lease from railways and run them on any circuit of their choice

Key Points

  • Private operators can decide routes, fares and services on the trains.
  • Railways have earmarked 3033 ICF coaches, roughly equal to 150 trains for this purpose.
  • Trusts, societies, consortia and state governments can apply to lease these trains and run them on theme-based tourism circuits.

Theme-based Tourism

Theme-based tourism circuit here means, trains like:

  • Guru Kripa which goes to places linked to Guru Nanak
  • Ramayan-themed train which goes to places related to Lord Ram.

Who can apply?

Any party can apply online to lease the train by simply registering with a one-time fee of Rs 1 lakh. The arrangement can be made for two to 10 years. Operators need to give a security deposit of Rs 1 crore per rake. Size of each train will have 14-20 coaches, including two guard vans.

What are the parameters of this scheme?

The Operator shall have to offer sightseeing, local transport (taxi etc), food, onboard entertainment, hotels etc at stopover places etc.

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