The legacy of Messi and the trophy of the FIFA World Cup

Lionel Messi proved again that he is a legend for a cause.

Lionel Messi proved again that he is a legend for a cause.

Argentina had finally won the trophy of the FIFA World Cup after 36 years. Last night’s match began with Messi taking the lead. It eventually arrived at its destination, M’bappe’s Hat-rick.

However, Messi’s last goal and the two penalties that France themselves took became the reason for Argentina’s victory.

Thus, every other newspaper and news portal covered Messi’s victory and his legacy. The men’s #FWC2022 final, won by Lionel Messi, brought the story of the biggest modern game in modern game history to a close. Thus, the rollercoaster rides the whole match took fans on were some of the most memorable in history.

Messi supported his team when things were going south. As a result, this highly anticipated tournament of its own era awaited Argentina’s fearsome side. However, it was missing but did not affect the sustainable yet impressive performance of Argentina.

Not to mention that part of the team was falling behind the enemy, where Sergio Aguero sustained his usual injury in the match and Angel Di Maria’s impact in the final third was at best intermittent. However, Angel Di Maria’s performance in the final brought the team close to winning the trophy. Furthermore, Gonzalo Higuain has sputtered and faded over the years.

Therefore, all of it fell upon Messi to lead Argentina to victory. Messi had to make sure to rebuild the team with strong players and take every single instance that could progressively take the team to its destiny.

Thus, last night, he showed the world that he is indeed a captain by example and not by words.

In the group stage, Messi approached every possible instance to drag Argentina out of the group stage and find its place at the top of soccer, such as Neymar.

However, many teams tried to find their place by battling with Messi’s pace, and some teams Nonetheless, Messi found his way out of it and dragged Argentina to the last eight.

Thus, Messi provided a sharp path to victory last night by leading for 108 minutes. Later, with the final goal, Argentina won 4-2 when France called penalties on themselves.

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