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Top 10 Colourful Festivals of Rajasthan

Rich royal culture, fabulous architecture, mesmerising palaces and temples, beautiful desert terrain, bright coloured clothes, aromatic cuisines and playful local festivals? Got the clue what I am speaking of? Yes, it’s colourful Rajasthan which never fail to mesmerise a visitor with its traditional thumping music, folk dancers dancing clad in vibrant embroidered attires, mouth-watering food and colorful festivities. They are sure  to engulf your senses and take you on a fascinating ride in to the world of kings and queens where their palatial forts still stand live to present the picture perfect of the erstwhile royal era.

Rajasthan boasts of many colorful festivals but these 10 are just not to be missed if you want to feel the air of this incredible culture…

1) Teej: This big colourful monsoon festival is celebrated in grandeur style by the native women for marital bliss. Women dress in their traditional attires and finest jewellery, apply henna on their hands and fast for the long life of their husbands. A musical procession of Goddess Parvati’s statue with women dancing around it floods the streets and is a must watch.

Top 10 Colourful Festivals of Rajasthan
Teej celebration at City Palace in Jaipur

2) Desert Festival (Jaisalmer): This festival makes the sand dunes come live with exciting camel races, moustache and turban tying competitions. Also there are stunts shows, and energetic performances of Kalbelia and Ghomar dancers, bright clothes clad locals, handicraft shops and lip smacking food.

Organized by Rajasthan Government in February, this festival is a colourful depiction of traditions and achievements of Rajasthan.

Top 10 Colourful Festivals of Rajasthan
Top 10 Colourful Festivals of Rajasthan
Guests enjoying at RIFF

3) Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF Jodhpur): Presented as ‘People’s Platform for

creativity and Sustainable Development’, this musical festival is patronised by Sir Mick Jagger

and Maharaja of Jodhpur. It’s held at Meharangarh Fort where 200 artists from world over fill

the air with their soulful music.

Top 10 Colourful Festivals of Rajasthan
Camel decorated at Pushkar Fair

4) Pushkar Fair: The cattle fair of Pushkar is a sight to behold! On the banks of the serene Pushkar

Lake, thousands of farmers trade their decorated camels, bulls and other livestock. For four days, the cultural carnival includes folk dance and music performances, puppet shows, hot-air balloon rides, camel races, tasty food stalls and handicraft shops.

Top 10 Colourful Festivals of Rajasthan
Decked up Diggi Palace during JLF in Jaipur

5) Jaipur Literature Festival: A heaven for book lovers! Organized in the charming Diggi Palace this festival is world’s largest free literature festival. A great platform where many writers and

Top 10 Colourful Festivals of Rajasthan
Deputy chief minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot (R) and TV Anchor Rajdeep Sardesai (L) at JLF

famous personalities launch their book and held live sessions. Enjoy books, Rajasthani decoration, local and international food, bazaars of handicrafts, clothes, etc.

6) Magnetic Fields Alsisar: The magnificent 17 th century Alsisar Palace holds this fantastic music festival for 3 days. Acclaimed international DJs, underground music artists, local folk and electronic artists keep you spell bound 24×7. There are food and handicraft shops and even tents to stay.

Top 10 Colourful Festivals of Rajasthan
Braj Holi in Bharatpur

7) Braj Holi: Holi, the most fun-filled and loved festival of India, is celebrated in Bharatpur in pomp and style. People dress in colorful clothes and indulge in full-on color play and the spirit of the city comes alive. The love story of Lord Krishna and Radha is showcased in the form of dance.

Top 10 Colourful Festivals of Rajasthan
Attractive kites been adorned at Jal Mahal in Jaipur

8) International Kite Festival: The desert sky of Jodhpur and Jaipur turn vibrant by colorful and charming kites of all colors, shapes and patterns. ‘Makar-Sakaranti’ is celebrated by this extravagant kite flying completion. Jal Mahal in Jaipur presents a picture perfect by playing a host to thousands of guests, both foreign and domestic, who visit here to give a try to their kite flying skills.

Top 10 Colourful Festivals of Rajasthan
Winter festival celebrations in Mt Abu

9) Summer and Winter Festivals at Mount Abu: Held in May and December, these festivals celebrate the cultural richness of the only hill station of Rajasthan. Folk dances, music, extravagant fireworks, boat racing, horse racing and camping will entertain you for 3 days.

Top 10 Colourful Festivals of Rajasthan
Women decked up to ccelebrate Mewar Festival in Udaipur

10) Mewar Festival (Udaipur): The coming of spring is celebrated in colorful fashion. The city dazzles with decoration and you can see processions of locals dancing in their traditional dress.

Exhibitions and food stalls make it more interesting.

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