Zomato Enhances Delivery Partner Safety with Bluetooth-Enabled Helmets and Comprehensive Training

In a significant move towards prioritizing the safety and well-being of its extensive fleet of delivery partners, Zomato has announced the distribution of Bluetooth-enabled helmets to all its riders across India. With a current delivery partner base exceeding 300,000, the company aims to reinforce safety measures and create awareness about essential skills to prevent serious injuries or loss of life during emergency situations.

The announcement came at Zomato’s “India’s Emergency Heroes” program held at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi, where the company showcased its commitment to the welfare of its delivery partners. The initiative builds on the success of the distribution of over 250,000 wearable assets, including reflector strips on jackets for enhanced night visibility, in the previous fiscal year 2022-23.

Zomato’s commitment to the safety of its delivery partners goes beyond the distribution of Bluetooth-enabled helmets. The company has also introduced a comprehensive insurance cover of Rs 10 lakh for all its riders, providing financial security in case of unforeseen incidents. Additionally, Zomato has been actively involved in training programs focused on first-aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to equip its delivery partners with life-saving skills.

Rakesh Ranjan, Chief Executive Officer of Food Delivery at Zomato, expressed pride in the company’s efforts to enhance the capabilities of its delivery partners. “We’re proud of the fact that in the last few months, 10,000 delivery partners have received professional first-responder training to help with any emergency they might come across – including first-aid, CPRs,” Ranjan stated.

The introduction of Bluetooth-enabled helmets is a noteworthy step towards elevating the safety standards for Zomato’s delivery partners. This technological addition not only enhances communication capabilities but also ensures that riders remain connected and receive critical information during their deliveries.

The company’s commitment to safety was further highlighted through the “Zomato Bravery Awards,” where the efforts of five exceptional delivery partners were acknowledged. This recognition reflects Zomato’s appreciation for the dedication and hard work displayed by its delivery professionals.

In a statement, the company emphasized that the initiative is not just about providing safety gear but creating a holistic approach towards the well-being of both the delivery partners and the communities they serve. By fostering awareness and offering vital skills training, Zomato aims to contribute to reducing the likelihood of accidents and emergencies.

As the food delivery industry continues to evolve, Zomato’s proactive measures in safety and training set a benchmark for industry standards. The distribution of Bluetooth-enabled helmets, coupled with insurance coverage and professional training, reinforces Zomato’s commitment to the welfare and safety of its delivery partners, positioning the company as a leader in prioritizing the human aspect of its operations.

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