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Two astrophotographers shoot ‘ridiculously detailed’ picture of Moon

This is the story of two astrophotographers who did shoot ‘ridiculously detailed’ picture of Moon.

In fact, they clicked Moon’s picture 2 lakh times to get a detailed image.

These enthusiasts include Andrew McCarthy and planetary scientist Connor Matherne. It took them around two years to produce “the most ridiculously detailed picture” of the satellite.

All they used was a camera, a tripod, and a star tracker. The image is special as the kind of temperament and the dedication they showed to put together an awe-inspiring piece of photography did matter.

Around 2 lakh images they clicked were then stacked together to see the detailed picture we see now.

McCarthy shot over two lakh pictures from Arizona, while Matherne shot 500 from Louisiana.

McCarthy concentrated on details, while the latter focused on the color data.

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