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Spain energy saving plan: Malls, cinemas, hotels prohibited from cooling below 27 degrees

Spain’s Parliament recently signed off on a controversial energy savings plan put forward by the left-wing minority government, by 187-161.

The government did struggle to muster support for the “urgent measures” necessary in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing energy crisis. Let’s read these rules as per new guidelines:

* As per the plan, Spain is to lower its consumption of gas by 7-8 per cent, while most EU countries will be called on to save 15 per cent.

* Since August 10, all public areas such as shopping malls, cinemas, offices, stores, hotels, train stations, and airports are prohibited from cooling their rooms to below 27 degrees.

* Business where employees have to do manual labour, including bars and restaurants, are allowed to cool down to 25 degrees.

* Along with numerous other measures, the lighting of offices, shops, and several monuments across the country must be turned off from 10 p.m., provided the space is no longer being used.

* Other measures included in the plan were a monthly payment of 100 euros for students, and reduced prices for season tickets on local, medium-distance and high-speed trains.

* Passes for local trains will be free, while for medium and long-distance trains they will be half-price.

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