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The Myth of Serbian Dancing Lady

Is the viral video of the Serbian Dancing Lady a truth or a mystery

The video that has been viral in recent days is Serbian Dancing Lady. The video showcases a woman dancing in the middle of the night while being simply alone on the street.

The myth found its place on September 26, 1998. However, the video has found its place in the recent place.

Two community bloggers Niko and Solomon, were two bloggers who had been giving details about the encounters they have faced. Thus, it doesn’t mean that the information is verified as these bloggers write independently.

In the events with Niko, he described that he was going somewhere with his mother when he encountered the happening. They saw a figure dancing at some distance when at some point it charged at them. The figure shouted that they were “ambassador of death.” Thus, the figure claimed that his mother’s life was needed for the resurrection and rebirth of the Serbian king.

In the events with Solomon, he encountered weird events similar to Niko. While going around the streets, Solomon encountered the Serbian lady dancing weirdly on the streets of Serbia in the middle of the night.

Despite all the encounters and scary events, there is no proper reason to explain what might be scaring people off.

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