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National Boyfriend Day : know its date, history and significance behind its celebration

National Boyfriend Day falls every year on October 3. It is annual day celebrated to show your love and appreciation to your boyfriend

There are over 1500 national days that the world celebrates and mostly the women are the one who get all the acknowledgement and attention, we celebrate days like, women’s day, girlfriend day, mother’s day and more but when it comes to appreciating our boys and men we lack behind.
They too deserve the same amount of love and attention that we get and National Boyfriend Day is a little excuse to shower all your attention on your boyfriends or your other halves and to appreciate them.

National Boyfriend’s Day : Date

Boyfriend’s Day 2021 will be celebrated on October 2, but it was not always observed on 2nd October, since previous year it got all the attention from social media and finally 2nd October was confirmed to be celebrated as boyfriends day all around the world.

National Boyfriend’s Day : History

Boyfriend’s Day which was not really a thing few years back , was recognised firstly on October 4, 2014 but was not as very popular as girlfriends day. After 2016, this day gained a lot of attention from women all around the globe through social media. And finally in 2020, it got enough attention to verify this day to celebrate every year as Boyfriend’s Day. Since it is an internet generated phenomenon, there is no official source that credit this day as National Boyfriend Day. There is a long way to go to put attention to this day so that the whole world can recognise and celebrate this day which is a much needed thing so that you can show the proper respect to your loved ones for everything they do for you.

National Boyfriend’s Day : Significance

It is an day generated by women so that they can pour some attention and love on their other halves.
The one marvelous person who stays by your side, who always put you first but never get enough appreciation for what they do, your boyfriend’s or your other halves. This day is a small gesture created with an aim to show your respect, appreciation and acknowledgment to your boyfriend.. This day simply honors the presence of those men in your life who treat you with dignity , love and respect. A day which holds no deep meaning but simply made up to celebrate your boyfriend.

National Boyfriend Day : know its date, history and significance behind its celebration

How to celebrate Boyfriend’s Day this year?

Celebrating a day for one and with one whom you love is not a fancy thing but a small gesture which can make them feel very loved. Celebrate this day by spending time with your boyfriend, doing things together that they love. Either its playing games or watching a football match together, dedicate this day to them make them feel special. You can buy customised gifts for them to show a little appreciation , make a list of fun activities which you can do together. Not just for this day but celebrate your loved ones every single day, an annual day like this is a small way of thanking them for the things they do to make your life special.

Happy Boyfriend’s Day!

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