Shri Krishna Balaram Temple, Jagatpura Jaipur 10th Anniversary Celebration

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On the prosperous 10th Anniversary Celebration of Shri Krishna Balaram Temple, Jagatpura a grand Rath Yatra of Lord Shri Krishna Balram will take place with great pomp.

This majestic Rath Yatra of Shri Krishna Balram will be the first Raj Yatra to be taken out in the beautiful city of Jaipur. The pink city will failte all the devotees for the yatra.

A huge chariot has been built by the temple management in which the Rath Yatra will be taken out. This chariot will be carried forward by the devotees by pulling them with a rope.

According to Shri Amitasan Das, President of Hare Krishna Movement Rajasthan, the celebrations started on the day of Akshaya Tritiya on 3rd May.

Further as per planned the sacred Rath Yatra is organized on 7th May, Saturday and on 8th May from 6:00 pm onwards special consecration of God, palanquin festival, kirtan fair and grand makeup will be done.

This celebration will include 108 Bhog offering to the Lord. All the preparations are being finalized by the people and the devotees. The devotees will seek blessings of the God by participating in this yatra by offering letters and flowers to the Lord.

Rath Yatra Route:

The holy Rath Yatra will start from Shrinath Paradise Garden located on Jagatpura Marg with Sankirtana on 7th May at 5:30 PM. Further the journey will continue and will reach NRI Choraha from number 7 intersection via Mahal road in Jagatpura and will turn around from Akshaya Patra circle and end at Shri Krishna Balaram temple.

At Shri Krishna Balaram temple mahaprasadi will be distributed after the Maha Aarti. The Rath Yatra will begin with the worship of the chariot by breaking the coconut in front of the chariot and with religious rituals. The path of the chariot will be swept away with a broom of gold. The yatra will be started by pulling the chariot with ropes.

This will be four kilometres long journey in which various kirtan groups will be participating along with Rajasthani camels, horses and famous bands of the city.

During the journey various arrangements have been made to welcome the Rath Yatra by many organizations. Many places are set to welcome the devotees by offering refreshments.

The distribution of prasad behind the chariot will take place throughout the journey. Special bhog will be offered to the deity at the beginning of the Rath Yatra.

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