Mysterious band seen circling around Earth from space

Earth's atmosphere glowing yellow and red against backdrop of starry sky

A high-exposure photograph taken from the International Space Station (ISS) has captured a mysterious band circling Earth.The image captured by astronaut Andreas Mogensen shows Earth’s atmospheric glow, painting a vivid tableau against the backdrop of an infinite starry sky.The image, snapped as the ISS orbited 258 miles above the Pacific Ocean northeast of Papua New Guinea, showcases a phenomenon that is not just stunning but alsoscientifically significant.


While most were confused as to what this entirephenomenon was about including the scientists at working with ISS initially, the photograph reveals a gloden arc of light that crowns the Earth’s horizon, known as airglow. This luminescence occurs when sunlight energises atoms and molecules in the upper atmosphere, causing them to emit a soft radiance visible from space.

The colours of the glow “a palette of reds and yellows❞ are particularly telling; they indicate the presence of different particles in the atmosphere. Red hues often suggest fine aerosols like smoke or pollution, while yellow bands are typically associated with coarser particles such as dust.

Visible on the left side of the image are two critical components of the ISS: the Nauka science module and the Prichal docking module, both belonging to Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos.

The Nauka module serves as the primary laboratory for the Russian Orbital Segment, supporting a wide range of scientific experiments. Adjacent to it, the Prichal module provides five additional docking ports for Russianspacecraft, enhancing the station’s capacity for future missions and collaborations.

This photograph is more than just a visual feast; it is a snapshot of the dynamic interactions between our planet’s atmosphere and the solar radiation that constantly bathes it.

As the ISS continues its rapid orbit around our planet, it not only facilitates groundbreaking research but also provides us with these awe-inspiring glimpses into the natural artistry of our world.

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