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Media Masterclass: Inspiring Students of Army Public School Towards Sustainable Solutions

The students of Army Public School have embarked on an exciting journey with their Media Masterclass course, showcasing their talents and insights through various tasks and discussions. In the first week, the students were tasked with blog writing in the travel genre. Their narratives were compelling and well-articulated, reflecting their unique travel experiences and creative writing skills.

In the second week, the focus shifted to a critical and timely discussion on sustainable options to combat the scorching summer heat. The session was led by Archana Sharma, who provided an in-depth analysis of the rising temperatures and the frequent heatwaves. She explained the underlying causes of these climatic changes and emphasized the urgency of addressing these environmental challenges.

The discussion naturally progressed to exploring sustainable solutions, with students eagerly sharing their knowledge and ideas. Bhavesh, a 9th grader, presented a detailed talk on bioplastics. He highlighted how bioplastics could be a game-changer in environmental conservation. His well-researched presentation, complete with a comprehensive PPT, illustrated the benefits and potential of bioplastics in reducing pollution and promoting sustainability.

Other students, including Himanshi Bharadwaj, Shagun Chauhan, Anisha Choudhary, and Harsh, also contributed significantly to the discussion. They explored various sustainable methods such as the implementation of solar plants, the importance of biodiversity, and the role of greenhouses in mitigating climate change.

The session was highly interactive, fostering a two-way communication between the students and their mentor, Archana Sharma. The students’ enthusiasm and innovative ideas were evident as they proposed practical solutions for conserving the environment sustainably.

This Media Masterclass has not only enhanced the students’ writing and research skills but also heightened their awareness of crucial environmental issues. By engaging in such meaningful discussions and activities, the students of Army Public School are well on their way to becoming informed and proactive global citizens.

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