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Jaipur Mayor Somya’s poetic ode at Power Brunch …

In a Power Brunch session organised by Team Saksham Sanchar and Team Sapiens, wonderful thoughts were exchanged between entreprenuers with a topic ‘Why there are expectations on women to be perfect women.’

Team Saksham Sanchar and Team Sapiens hosted a Power Brunch at the Hilton Hotel in Jaipur, bringing together a group of inspiring women for a thought-provoking discussion on the topic “The Expectations of Perfection on Women”.
The event was graced by esteemed guests, Mayor Saumya Gurjar and Dr. Himanshi Gehlot, who added their insights to the conversation.
Mayor Saumya Gurjar’s words echoed through the room, leaving an indelible impression on everyone present. Her words to women outline the challenges they face in life and the determination required to overcome them.

Her poetic ode for women:

जीवन के इस रण में तुमको
विश्वास अटल रखना होगा
100 बार गिरो ​​​​फिर भी उठाना नक्षभेद तभी होगा
है अग्निपथ सा ये जीवन
तू निर्भीक निडर होकर इस पर चल
चरण पखरेगी मंज़िल
निश्चित होगी तेरी जीत
परचम तू ही लहरेगी
हो एकाग्र बस चलती चल

These poetic words of Mayor left everyone captivated. Her poem was a powerful reminder for the women to never stop, despite the numerous obstacles that may come their way.

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