Jaipur Royal family wears black dresses on Diwali: Remembers Ancestral Sacrifices

In a departure from the traditional festivities, the former royal family of Jaipur marked Diwali this year by adorning themselves in black or dark blue attire. Diya Kumari, Padmanabh Singh, and Gauravi Kumari, along with all the guests, embraced this unique tradition, contributing to a distinctive celebration.

The choice of black and dark blue clothing holds deep significance, rooted in a longstanding belief. It is said that members of the former royal family don these colors on Diwali to pay homage to the sacrifices made by their ancestors. As the evening unfolded, the entire family, along with their guests, donned matching attire, creating a visually striking and meaningful celebration.

Adding to the charm of Jaipur’s Diwali festivities, several Bollywood and TV industry luminaries, originally hailing from the Pink City, graced the occasion. Accompanied by their families, these artists partook in Lakshmi puja and later ventured out to witness the enchanting lights of Jaipur, making the festival memorable.

Jaipur’s diaspora from the entertainment industry, now based in Mumbai, also made their presence felt, celebrating Diwali with their loved ones. Social media was abuzz with shared moments and heartfelt Diwali wishes from these artists, connecting with their fans.

The festive spirit extended beyond the royal enclave, with the city’s models and beauty pageant winners contributing to the vibrant celebrations. The former royal family even hosted a Diwali party at the historic City Palace, providing an opportunity for Jaipurites to join in the festivities and share the joy of the season. This unique blend of tradition and contemporary celebrations marked a Diwali to be remembered in the heart of Pink City.

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