PRS Oberoi passed away at the age of 94

The passing of Prithvi Raj Singh Oberoi, affectionately known as ‘Biki,’ marks the end of an era in the Indian hotel and hospitality industry. At the age of 94, the Chairman Emeritus of the Oberoi Group breathed his last, leaving behind an enduring legacy that has forever reshaped luxury hospitality in India.

Born on February 3, 1929, in Delhi, Oberoi was the son of the visionary founder of The Oberoi Group, Rai Bahadur MS Oberoi. Educated at St. Paul’s School in Darjeeling and a graduate of Hotel Management from Lausanne, Switzerland, Oberoi’s journey was marked by a commitment to excellence in the hospitality sector.

Oberoi took the reins of leadership at EIH Limited, the flagship company of The Oberoi Group, in 2002 following his father’s demise. His tenure as CEO lasted until 2013, during which he played a pivotal role in not only maintaining but elevating the group’s status in the global hospitality arena. Forbes currently estimates his net worth at a staggering $460 million.

Beyond corporate success, Oberoi’s influence extended to shaping the Oberoi brand into a symbol of fine luxury hotels. The Oberoi Group’s official statement on his passing highlighted his instrumental role in pioneering the development of Oberoi Hotels and Resorts. His leadership was not confined to borders; it resonated globally, placing India’s first five-star hotel on the international map.

Under Oberoi’s guidance, the Oberoi brand came to epitomize fine luxury hotels, with a commitment to unparalleled service and exquisite experiences. His passing is not just the loss of a seasoned businessman; it is the end of an era marked by innovation, dedication, and a passion for providing the utmost in hospitality.

As the Indian hospitality industry mourns the loss of one of its stalwarts, PRS Oberoi’s contributions will be remembered as a beacon that illuminated the path for future generations in the pursuit of excellence in hospitality. His legacy is not just etched in the success of The Oberoi Group but is a testament to his vision and commitment to redefining Indian hospitality.

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