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International Anti Corruption Day 2021: Know The History, Significance Of This Day, & More

International Anti Corruption day 2021 is celebrated across the world on December 9 every year. Read here to know more on its history, significance and theme of this day.

International Anti-corruption day 2021 falls on December 9 each year. The day emphasises on ill effects of corruption, which is one of the most notorious socio-political phenomena affecting all countries. The Day is observed to create awareness about the socio-economic issues and how one can fight against it. 

International Anti-corruption day History

International Anti-corruption Day history started from October 31, 2003, when the General Assembly adopted the UN convention against corruption. 

The UN General Assembly then designated December 9 as Anti-Corruption Day as well, while the convention came into force in December 2005.

International Anti-corruption Day’s significance

The significance of International Anti-corruption Day is to globally advocate about this malpractice and explain how and why one should avoid it. As per UN statistics, every year USD 1 trillion is being paid as bribes while USD 2.6 trillion are stolendue to corruptive measures. As per  United Nations Development Programme, it is estimated that there are 10 times of funds lost due to corruption in the developing countries, the funds would have otherwise used in their official developmental assistance. 

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