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Rosado: The tallest restaurant lounge opens in Jaipur

The tallest restaurant lounge, opens in Jaipur for all the party lovers. Rosado basically means FAIRY PINK, and so is the title written in pink all over the place.

Its main dimension is the luxury experience it provides, and the way of welcoming their guests is very different and amazing. One could be overwhelmed by the service that is offered by the restaurant staff. The hospitality, and the surreal ambience adds on a lot to the place.

Rosado: The tallest restaurant lounge opens in Jaipur

Rosado has both indoor and outdoor seating with distinctive decor. It provides different sections of luxury, as Raj Wada section, elevated VIP section, al fresco seating and many more that makes it a whole different experience. The menu dishes are very different, and something that Jaipur has never experienced, like Magnum platters and a lot more.

Rosado: The tallest restaurant lounge opens in Jaipur

The restaurant lounge focuses on quality, and consistency. The main aim is the quality they provide and the hospitality they provide should stay same even after the brand name grows more.

It is highly crowded in recent times, again because its efforts to stay consistent about the quality it serves. The skyline views are tremendous and fascinating so it is definitely worth it. Provides you a feel of another imaginary world that one could wish to be in. 

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