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New Normal: Jaipur realtors conceive agro townships to promote co-operative farming

Call it an inspiration drawn from the pandemic like COVID or an urge to connect with nature that the realtors in Jaipur have conceived the concept of agro township, a first of its kind in India, under which farms are being sold to middle class families to promote the concept of cooperating farming.

This kind of innovative cooperative farming is being promoted in areas surrounding canals and water bodies in regions like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, etc where Pak Hindu migrants, who have been reeling under pathetic conditions, will be hired as farmers.

“Those who have migrated from Pakistan will be hired on these farms so that they can sustain their livelihood. We have seen pathetic conditions of these people who left their houses across the borders to return to their motherland, says Rajendra Pachar, managing director of Pachar Group.

After returning to India, they have no job and identity and now we have decided to provide work to them so that they can sustain a decent livelihood, says Pachar.

In fact, 50 per cent of produce will be shared with farmers and owners each while we will provide logistics to provide farm to doorstep model. Also, we have solar panels which will supply power on fields, he added.

This is first of its kind organised cooperative farming concept in India which has been launched in cities like Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Sanchore Sirohi, Alwar, Sawai Madhopur, Banswara etc..

When asked what inspired him to launch this concept, he said, “During covid, we stayed in villages for two years. In fact village life was different from the urban life, In cities, people were panicked and stuck indoors while villagers were breathing easy under open sky and staying in the open in lush green surroundings, said Pachar.

Hence came the idea. The agro township is the first ever cooperative farming concept which gives absolute ownership and title rights of the farm lands to middle class families.

What we promise here is farm ownership where fresh and organic food will be produced at quite a low investment. We empower middle class Indians to feel like farmers and have pure, fresh and organic food for their families.

The individual ownership with cooperative farming under which individual is free to sell or gift the property is USP of this project, he adds.

On the tune of residents’ welfare association in society, we will form a farm owners welfare association where the day to day issues can be resolved and are providing residence for estate manager, guard residence, farmer residence and cattle shed and small factory for oil extraction and spice grinders. Basically it’s a gated township and as per govt guidelines, agro township can be converted to agro resort after nine years.

Initially, we are selling 4 bigha to each person. Imagine if we have 50 units in one project, there will be 50 owners and whatever they produce shall be shared with them. Next after five years, we will allow them to have two rooms on this land and open them to tourists.

Imagine the lush green surroundings which will definitely boost agro rural tourism, he says.

One project can generate around 3000 jobs in rural areas and once agro rural project is boosted, the rural economy can see a turnaround as global tourists can visit here to experience the real India whose soul resides in villages, he says with a smile.

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