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Mahansar of Rajasthan is Scotland of India. Know why…

Mahansar, situated in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, is termed as Scotland of India.

For such a small place to be in the news all the time makes you think for what reason daily Telegraph of UK and every major Indian newspapers and all other magazines n journals are writing about it?

Well, knock the door of any booze lover in the town and you will get the answer.

This place is Famous for its Heritage liquors (RAJWADI DARU ) since 1768 as it has witnessed the infusing of the exotic blend of rarest herbs, spices, dry fruits, flowers with an age old traditional process of fermentation and distillation and by that creating a masterpiece yes its an art that have been preserved by Mahansar family with their secret recipes.
One of the producers of Mahansar heritage liquor quipped, “Some places n geographical regions are blessed by God to do specific things on the planet; some say even God was on a high when he blessed the land of Mahansar to make n produce SOMRAS of such alchemic miracles that can make swing the strongest of legs on the planet and make weakest to run, raise an almost dead to fight a war some claims it to be aphrodisiac with utmost charm and that aroma taking senses to a level which makes one feel like he or she is in eden with adam n eve.”

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