Dubai becomes first country in world to get Maharana Pratap statues

Dubai has become the first country of the world to get Maharana Pratap’s statue.He can be seen riding on horse and elephant in two different statues installed for the first time in Dubai.

Also this is the first time when Pratap’s statue has been installed out of India. This comes as the proud news for Mewar. 

The other distinguished fact in this matter is that different statues of Maharana Pratap riding on his beloved horse Chetak and the elephant Ramprasad have been installed in Dubai. There are no such statues of Pratap together in India where he is seen riding elephant and horse. The statues were placed under the supervision of Jaipur-based sculptor Mahavir Bharti at the Chokhi Dhani Resort Al Safe Malbar on the beach in Dubai. 

The elephant riding statue is 14 feet high and the Chetak rider statue is 12.6 feet high.

Maharana Pratap statue riding Chetak horse installed in Dubai

Besides Pratap statues, the idols of Mewar queen Padmini and Maharaja Ganga Singh were also installed on the occasion.

While Maharani Padmini of Chittorgarh’s statue is 8 feet high, Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner has also been installed in the above place in Dubai.

The four statues have been designed in Jaipur by sculptor Mahavir Bharti and designer Nirmala Kulhari. These were sent to Dubai by sea route. The sculptor claims that the elephant Ramprasad-rider statue of Maharana Pratap has been installed for the first time in the world in Dubai.

It needs to be mentioned here that Maharana Pratap was a Hindu Rajput king of Mewar and known for his military resistance. He was born on 9 May 1540 in Kumbhalgarh Mewar in a Hindu family and was the 13th Maharaja of Mewar. He was the one who fought against the expansion of Mughal Empire. 

He has given shelter to many poets, artists, writers and artisans and also developed a college named Chavand School of Art. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Amar Singh I and on his death bed, he even told his son to never give up in front of Mughals.  

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