BS Bommai: Karnataka new CM once worked with TATA Motors!

Basavaraj Somappa Bommai anointed as new Chief Minister of Karnataka, is a graduate in mechanical engineering who worked as engineering for three years with Tata Motors before turning up as an entrepreneur.

An MLA from Haveri district in central Karnataka, he hails from the Lingayat community.and is the son of the former Chief Minister of Karnataka, SR Bommai. He served many pivotal portfolios in the state government.

Born on January 28, 1960, he started his political career with the Janata Dal and was a member of the Karnataka Legislative Council twice. 

Bommai has been a close confidant of former CM BR Yediyurappa and has risen in the party ranks to last helm of the state’s Home Ministry and, earlier, the Water Resources Ministry.

A mechanical engineer by training, he worked for Tata Motors in Pune for three years before turning entrepreneur.

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