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Black squirrel spotted for the first time in Rajasthan 

Black squirrel seen for the first time in Rajasthan. Know who found it and how?

For the first time in the history of Rajasthan, Black squirrel has been spotted near Sagwara division.

The credit for spotting, clicking and confirming the first of its kind squirrel in Rajasthan goes to Mukesh Panwar, a resident of Sagwara, a member of the Vagad Nature Club, a well-known butterfly expert.

Panwar said that squirrels are seen in rare melavistic form, but among the common squirrels there is a special squirrel ‘black squirrel’. 

He said that this creature is completely black in color, its body hair, eyes, tail hair are all in the same black color. Two black squirrels have appeared at two different places. At first sight, it looked like some other creature like a squirrel, but after seeing its behavior for four consecutive days, it was found that it is normal squirrel, only the color is black. 

Dharmendra Vyas, snake specialist of Padardi Badi, said that normally the color of the skin of all living beings is genetically determined, but one organism in lakhs can be in melanistic (dark) form (dark or black). It may not be a disease or genetics. 

He said that black tigers have been seen in the forest of Orissa and black panthers have been seen in Karnataka, Maharashtra etc., similarly these black squirrels have also been seen in Sagwara region. Nature and environmental experts from across the division, including Dr. Kamlesh Sharma, Virendra Singh Bedsa, Rupesh Bhavsar, Vinay Dave and other members of Vagad Nature Club have expressed happiness on the site of this rare creature.

Renowned environmental scientist Dr. Satish Sharma said that there is no official record of black squirrel sighting in Rajasthan, possibly this is the first case in Rajasthan. He said that due to the rich biodiversity, the Vagad-Mewar zone is also visible for rare species of fauna, so after the sighting of black squirrels, once again we have to pay attention to save this biodiversity.

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