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A joint family of 185 people living systematically

Won the elections of sarpanch with the support and population of their own family

Dimple Arora reports on the joint family of 185 members

In today’s world where people have closed themselves to their families, and the tradition of joint families is getting vanished. Out of all this, there is a family in Ajmer, Rajasthan who have 185 people in it. Villagers also make fun of the family by calling their family as if they are a district in themselves. But this family is an inspiration of togetherness for the country and state.

In this family, the food is cooked oven with 13 stoves for 185 people of the family. Although the senior member of the family is illiterate he is making his children and grand childs aware to go for teaching and other occupations. Two people in the family are teachers while the other two are compounders. Also, some other members are doing private jobs.

In the village, the whole family has an exclusive dominance through which in 2016, one of their daughters-in-law won the elections of sarpanch by 800 votes. Head of the family, Virdi Singh says that his father “Sultan” has taught him to make the family united. According to Virdi Singh, his father had 6 sons and with time their family continuously grew and the youngest child of their family is born just 5 months ago. He told that the ladies of the family get up at 4 in the morning to prepare the food for the family. On two stoves 25 kg of food is prepared at a time while the other 11 stoves are used for making 25 kg chapattis.

According to the elderly people of the family, their prime occupation was farming and they have 125 acres of land for it. They also have more than 100 cows and hens whose milk and eggs respectively are a big source of income for the family. The elderly ladies of the family prepare the food while other daughters and daughters-in-law of the family take care of the farms and animals. To make the work go smoothly for all, they have been divided among the members. So, that no clashes take place in the family.

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