Latest UpdatesNature & EnvironmentMountain glacier in Chile crumbles due to high temperatures.

Mountain glacier in Chile crumbles due to high temperatures.

Climate change is one of the problems that has become a major issue for nature. As nature is simply not controlled by human behaviour, excessive carbon emissions, deforestation, and industrialised pollution are all leading to the extinction of humans. As recent global disturbances have demonstrated, things will only worsen if we do not find a way to control the situation and be cautious about our own plane

The temperature rise in Chile’s capital has become a hot topic as the mountain glacier started to collapse and crumble into the rubble. The incident took place on September 9, 2022, when tourists visiting Patagonia visited the mountain glacier and witnessed the tragic happening of nature’s collapse. The video surfaced and created a buzz around the world.

Scientists have claimed that the heatwave and heavy rainfall became the reasons for the rampaging of the ice walls, which eventually became the reason for the collapse of mountain glaciers. 

However, the frequency of the rubble was troubling the scientists. Even though it was stated as normal, things were different when experts studied the disaster that occurred a few days earlier, claiming that these things generally happen when heat waves and liquid are both present.
Nonetheless, it is not solely happening in Chile; it is happening around the whole planet, which could be triggering all the other glaciers. There is plenty of news around the world concerning the melting of glaciers in Antarctica. And how can the increase in the north pole and south pole affect the whole climate of the world?

If we talk about the glaciers of Alpina, things are much worse, as the glaciers there have fuelled up melting, and it’s happening rapidly. The doomsday glacier is also melting away. The emerging heat issue is grasping the climate originality of the earth and the balance is somehow disturbed. Thus, quick action is very much needed to bring about change and save nature and humanity.

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