All hail the Bar-tailed Godwit!

Believe it or not! A bird flew a minimum of 13,560 km in 11 days 1 hour, that’s an average of over 51kmh continually for those 11 days. And yes there was no eating, drinking or sleeping during that journey!

This bird called as Godwit is a champion flyer.

As an individual, it has broken the world record for the longest continual flight.

This juvenile godwit just 5 months old landed in Ansons Bay in northeast Tasmania, Australia. It was tagged in Alaska and departed the place on October 13, 2022 before flying non-stop to Tasmania.

It needs to be mentioned here that Godwits are regular visitors to Tasmania so it’s likely that many undertake a similar flight but it’s the first time a tagged bird has flown between Alaska and Tasmania.

The above information was furnished by cricketer Hartley Anderson to environmentalist Harsh Vardhan who shared it with EBNW team.

Meanwhile Dharmendra Khandal, Conservation Biologist speaking on the record said, “indeed unbelievable – … eating, drinking or sleeping during that journey. a great journey. Simply unbelievable!.

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