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The insightful visit to the Constitutional Park

How the visit to Constitutional Park enhanced the value of the Indian Constitution and spread awareness among students

The inauguration of India’s first Samvidhan Park in Jaipur, by President Draupadi Murmu is a positive step towards making the Indian Constitution more accessible to the general public. The park was built for Rs 9.66 crore. The design and art creation of Constitution Park were done by Anoop Bartaria.

Citizens must be aware of their constitutional rights and responsibilities, and this park provides an excellent opportunity for them to do so. Several statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Maharana Pratap, and Babasaheb Ambedkar adorn the area.

At the entrance of the park, there stands an impressive sculpture of the Indian Constitution shaped like a book. Additionally, there is a sculpture featuring various detailed illustrations of lotus and other things. Plus, there are several statues of the Constituent Assembly depicting the number of members involved in drafting the Constitution.

Additionally, two metal statues of human figures represent their fundamental rights. The park has a metal parliament sculpture that reminds us of the Constitution’s framing period.

Thus, the most interesting things in the park are the rectangular stones with engraved sections of the constitution and sculptures depicting the rich Indian culture and from where the ideas have been taken for drafting the largest constitution in the world.

The most striking sculpture portrays Dr. Ambedkar handing over the draft copy of the constitution to the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, symbolizing the mutual trust and respect amongst the assembly members.

The constitutional park is a significant initiative of the Governor that empowers citizens with the knowledge and encourages civic engagement.

The park is open only on Friday and Saturday every week. You have to make pre-registration on the official website of Rajbhavan and then enjoy this mesmerizing beauty of art and culture

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