Temples, caves, monasteries, votive stupas & inscriptions come out in excavation in Bandhavgarh Forest Reserve

In Bandhavgarh Forest Reserve, remarkable archaeological remains have been unraveled in an exploration made by ASI.

A tweet by Archaeological Survey of India says, “In an exploration 26 temples, 26 caves, 2 monasteries, 2 votive stupas, 24 inscriptions, 46 sculptures, other scattered remains & 19 water structure are recorded.” 

“The time period of the findings covered the reigns of the kings Shri Bhimsena, Maharaja Pothasiri, Maharaja Bhattadeva. Places deciphered in the inscriptions are Kaushami, Mathura, Pavata (Parvata), Vejabharada and Sapatanaairikaa,” says second tweet of the thread.

“An ASI team covered nearly 170 sq km falling in the area of the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve over months-long exploration of the region which was undertook for the first time since 1938.

The exploration was conducted by the Jabalpur Circle of ASI,” said the tweet further.

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