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Hadi Rani in Rajasthan: Know the story of her bravery & sacrifice for nation

Hadi Rani, a brave queen of Rajasthan, has made her name scripted in the  glorious chapters of history after she sacrificed her life for the sake of her nation. 

Had Rani was a daughter of Hada Chauhan Rajput who was married to  Ratan Singh, a senior soldier in Mewar.

According to the legend,  she sacrificed herself to motivate her husband to go to a battle.

The King Raj Singh, (1653–1680) from Mewar called Ratan Singh to join the rebellion against Mughal governor. However as Ratan Singh, the commander, had married only a few days earlier, he hesitated however later went to the battle ground with perceptions of Rajput honour disturbing him.

 He asked his wife, Hadi Rani, to give him some memento so that he can take with him to the battlefield. Had Rani chopped off her head and placed it in a plate thinking that she was an obstacle to him doing his duty for Mewar.

 A servant covered it with cloth and presented it to her husband. 

The commander tied the memento around his neck by its hair and after their rebellion ended, he did cut his neck, having lost the desire to live.

Still today, people worship Hadi Rani in Rajasthan and folklore singers tell her story in songs about her chivalry, valor, courage. 

Being an inspiration of various stories, poems and songs in Rajasthan, her name also founds place in curriculum in Rajasthan. 

In fact, Hadi Rani ki Baori is a step well in todaraisingh town in Town which was built around 12th century.

A woman battalion called as Had Rani Mahila Battalion exists in Rajasthan police too!

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