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Mental health issues: These are the five best tips to deal with them!

Mental health issues comprise one amongst the most talked about subjects. As the world becomes a global village, the humans are turning loners who can be seen gluing to their screens and hence keeping their problems to themselves limiting their world to their four walls of the home. Saloni writes on five best tips which can help deal with mental issues.

1) Share your feelings

First and foremost tip is that share your feelings with someone whom you trust. He/she will surely listen to what you say.

Open your heart as keeping things inside yourself make you think more and can also cause mental illness. Try to share what you genuinely feel. Don’t keep secrets and be honest with yourself if you really want positivity in your head. Keep that good relationship with others. Just sit with your loved ones and have a long, big conversation and say your heart out.

2) Do what makes you happy

Try to find a fun activity which you enjoy, it can be painting, playing guitar, playing basketball, hanging out with friends etc. Explore things and continue doing what you like and enjoy the most. It can help you to distract your mind and can help you to keep your mind busy in other things which you genuinely enjoy doing. Revive at least one hobby which has died. Find happiness in these things because if you are happy then you are healthy.

3) Seek Expert’s help

In India, people think getting mental health help is nothing. Whenever you are dealing with a trauma, it is advised to get some expert help as it is a very serious issue to deal with. This situation can give your brain a serious damage which is dangerous. People often take it like nothing happened or its just “all in your mind” which should not be taken like that. Don’t hesitate in taking help.

4) Do meditation

Meditation can be very helpful in terms of mental peace. If we talk about mental illness or disturbance, meditation can be the cure if you do it right. It’s not like only traditional method is useful, there are plenty of categories in this too, for instance, painting, listening to therapeutic music and many more like this.

5) Stay Active Physically and Mentally

Staying active physically and mentally provides you positivity and gives you mental and physical strength which is so much needed during mental illness. It keeps you busy which helps to boost your positivity in your mind. 

So, these are the few tips to owe when you feel overburdened or negative. 


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