How to do Udana Vayu Mudra: Its Steps and Benefits

Udana Vayu Mudra is a hand mudra which is used for improving speech, respiratory system and the thyroid. In Ayurveda, our thumb represents the fire element, while the middle finger indicates space element and the index finger, the air element and the ring finger indicates earth element. Udana Vayu mudra brings together all of these four elements, which gives therapeutic benefits.

Steps to do Udana Vayu Mudra

  1. Sit in a comfortable seating posture like Padmasana, Siddhasana, Swastikasana, Vajrasana which are ideal for mudras. Sukhasana and Ardha Padmasana may also be used which can be done sitting on chair with spine straight or even in the standing pose, if you are unable to sit on the floor.
  2. Place hands with palm pointing upwards on the thighs or the knees In the sitting position.
  3. Close eyes and take deep relaxed breaths with awareness on the breathing process.
  4. Bring your ring, index and middle finger close together and bend it to touch your thumb. The little finger should stand straight. Do this on both hands and this is the Udana Vayu hand mudra.
  5. Stay in this position for 15 to 30 minutes as per your convenience and maintain awareness on the energy flow in the body. Feel changes which the mudra brings in your system.
  6. To release this mudra, relax the fingers and open your eyes.

Benefits of Udana Vayu Mudra

  1. Udana Vayu Mudra regulates the blood flow to the brain and streamlines effortless thinking, creativity and intellectual sharpness. It can also improve memory.
  2. It enhances the respiratory function and alleviates asthma by ensuring smooth breathing.
  3. Udana Vayu Mudra further improves voice and speech control.
  4. It also improves functioning of thyroid and para thyroid glands.
  5. Udana Vayu mudra improves the strength of the limbs.
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