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‘COVID-19 can be cured with naturopathy, says this naturopath after curing many patients’

COVID-19 can be cured with naturopathy, says a humble naturopath Pukhraj Vohra, a retired banker who left his plush job to take a deeper dive in naturopathy and questions the government why the patients are not being given steam treatments in hospitals even at a time when it is medically proven that steam are benefitting COVID patients.

Vohra has cured more than 200 patients in his naturopathy centre situated in Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh) while using natural resources and saying strict No to allopathy usage.

No matter if your oxygen score has touched new lows, he takes you to his centre to nurture you with nature while using steam of ‘ginger, ajwain, Dal Chini, ‘chirata’, ‘kutki’, carom seeds, lemon juice other such herbs’ which are put into a pressure cooker which is attached in the bathrooms.

Before being given a steam, you are asked to rub black soil on your body to ensure toxins come out from pores. He also offers you tasty Aawla juice, guava juice and lemon ginger tea to boost your immunity.

Vohra has gathered knowledge in naturopathy over the last three decades to help the people and is operating a three-storeyed naturopathy centre, running up and down, listening to patients’ plights, bringing them out of depression and giving them Reiky treatment too.

“We are hugging our patients with warmth to treat them. Wearing masks and following social distancing doesn’t fall in our system of naturopathy however, we strongly believe in  boosting immunity so that the body can itself kill the coronavirus,” he says.

Vohra says that the high dose medicines are affecting the people’s vital organs and hence steam sessions should be made mandatory in COVID hospitals.

Vohra has cured one Ankit whose oxygen level came to 80s and high fever had left his parents tensed. However, ‘Rai’ and mud use helped him boost his oxygen level and his fever also vanished in next few days.

Similar are the stories of other patients who are going there to get themselves cured.

Hospitals can’t be trusted these days, but this man is gently treating all, with all modesty, honesty and transparency. India needs more such clinics, says another patient.

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