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Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Skill Learning Seminar at Army Public School, Jaipur

In a significant initiative aimed at fostering skill development and empowering youth, Oberoi Hotels and the Saksham Sanchar Foundation collaborated to organize an Employment Seminar for the students of Army Public School, Jaipur. Held at the prestigious Sapta Shakti Auditorium on May 9th, 2024, the seminar provided invaluable insights into career opportunities and skill learning prospects, setting the stage for a transformative journey towards professional excellence.

Empowering Through Education and Skill Learning

The collaboration between Saksham Sanchar Foundation and Army Public School signifies a shared commitment to equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive world. The skill learning course organized by the foundation aims to empower students with practical expertise and valuable insights on media, enabling them to excel in their chosen fields. During the seminar, students had the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum including Content writing to blogging and vlogging and the myriad benefits it offers. From technical skills to soft skills, entrepreneurship to communication, the course promises to provide a holistic learning experience tailored to the needs of students.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: Skill Learning Seminar at Army Public School, Jaipur

Interactive Session and Inspirational Leadership

The seminar at the Sapta Shakti Auditorium witnessed active participation from students of classes 10th to 12th, who eagerly engaged with the speakers and posed insightful questions. Led by Archana Sharma, Founder of INS Rajasthan Head and Saksham Sanchar Foundation, the seminar was a beacon of inspiration and motivation for the students. Alongside members of the foundation’s team shared their personal experiences of skill learning and the transformative impact it had on their lives. The interactive nature of the session fostered a spirit of collaboration and enthusiasm among the attendees, laying the groundwork for a successful implementation of the skill learning course.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: Skill Learning Seminar at Army Public School, Jaipur

Career Opportunities in Hospitality with Oberoi Hotels

In addition to insights from Oberoi Hotels, presented valuable information on their renowned hotel management program. Students were provided with a detailed overview of the application process and the training opportunities available, offering a glimpse into the world of hospitality and service excellence. The presentation by Oberoi Hotels served as a testament to the diverse career pathways available to students and underscored the importance of pursuing one’s passion with dedication and commitment.

Looking Towards a Bright Future

As the Employment Seminar concluded, students of Army Public School, Jaipur, left with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for their future endeavors. Armed with valuable knowledge and insights gained from the seminar, they are poised to embark on a journey of personal and professional growth. With the support of Saksham Sanchar Foundation, Oberoi Hotels, and the dedicated educators at Army Public School, the students are well-equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. As they embark on this transformative journey, the promise of a brighter future shines brightly on the horizon.

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