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AWWA Lit Festival Season 2: Army wives discuss changing times & trends 

On the first day of Abhivyakti season 2, Army wives discussed changing times and trends in different sessions.

In an interesting interaction in Nagma-e-Zindagi, the women writers discussed how technology had changed things. They shared how women were tired of shopping earlier, now their hands get tired while scrolling. Emojis have started expressing shrunk emotions.

One of the panellists, famous author Kiran Parmar, threw light on the role of the 3Rs (Response, responsible, and responsibilities). She also questioned why society does not respond promptly to devastating events like the Nirbhaya case and demanded a robust law for women’s safety.

Another author Kusum Lata Singh stated that life has given many perspectives to wives. “We have to choose what is wrong and what is right.”

Some events affect the sensibility of our hearts, and life becomes a story. “Not for me or for you but for all,” she said adding, “Sometimes literature shows the mirror of truth.”

Indu Tomar discussed that if we picture life as a woman, it will have similar emotions, such as being happy sometimes and sad in other aspects. 

Manju discussed women empowerment on how we must manage our life with nature. she stated that women are in different roles at different times as their presence is essential to the world nowadays. She also discussed five elements that reflect the women’s core. 

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