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Motisons Jewellers: This colourful building reflecting lotus lures all with its design…

Have you ever stopped looking at the colourful building designed in lotus shape in Jaipur? This building in fact is also attracting eyeballs of thousands of spectators who come to watch IPL matches in SMS stadium.

This is the Flagship Store Motisons Tower is located at the High Street of Tonk Road, Jaipur

The outer structure of this building reflects the beauty of the Lotus flower which is a symbol of prosperity, making it look more enchanting in the 9 shades of gem stones, called Navratnas. 

Interiors of the showroom gives a mesmerizing feel, the ambience is majestically breathtaking and adds a vibrant aura. The floor is exceptionally adorned by the intricate inlay work of genuine gemstones, like lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl & rose quartz, in fine marble. The ceiling on the ground floor is an art in itself, made of 24 carat real gold foil. Adding to the charm is a 3 storey chandelier that covers one part of the 3 floors and the other half has a resplendent display of jewels and artifacts.

The Managing Directors, Mr. Sandeep Chhabra & Sanjay Chhabra, had a strong vision to take the jewellery division to an all new level in the Retail Sector, therefore the duo continued to take it over to great heights, and as a result today the brand successfully operates from two of the most prominent locations in Jaipur. The first outlet, famously known as the Traditional store is situated amidst the famous lanes of the busiest Johri Bazaar, in the heart of the city, however The Flagship Store_Motisons Tower is located at the High Street of Tonk Road, Jaipur. The most recent outlet is situated in the affluent neighbourhood in the southwestern part of Jaipur at Vaishali Nagar.

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