Jaipur’s Educational Revolution: India’s First Coaching Hub

Priyanshi Pareek

Jaipur’s coaching institutes are relocating to Sector 16 in Pratap Nagar, courtesy of the Rajasthan Housing Board’s efforts to establish a coaching hub. This move is aimed at relieving congestion in areas such as Gopalpura Bypass Road and Barkat Nagar.

The forthcoming relocation of coaching institutes to Sector 16 in Partap Nagar is anticipated to bring significant relief to local traders and residents. This move addresses a longstanding demand to shift existing coaching centres, viewed as a nuisance, due to issues like inadequate parking space, resulting in traffic problems in the area.

Locals claim that the encroachment of roads with hundreds of parked vehicles and the presence of coaching centers have deterred businesses, including banks, clothing shops, and malls, from finalising contracts in the area. The anticipated relocation of coaching institutes may pave the way for increased commercial interest in the locality.

According to reports, the first phase of the project involves the construction of five towers on the 67,000 sqm land owned by the Rajasthan Housing Board in Sector 16 of Partap Nagar, Haldighati road. Approximately 80 percent of the work for this phase has already been completed. The project emphasises a balance between construction and open space, with 40 percent allocated for construction and 60 percent left open. The estimated cost of the entire project is Rs 319 crores.

The Commissioner of the Housing Board, Pawan Arora, stated that the first phase of the project is in its final stages, with the project expected to be available for allotment in the next one or two months. The date for inviting applications will be announced soon. The space within the coaching hub has been designed for coaching centres of various sizes, ranging from 500 sq ft to 6200 sq ft. Additionally, 90 showrooms have been established outside the coaching hub, and their auctioning will commence soon, with the proceeds intended for further development of the coaching hub.

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